Sunday, November 29, 2009

Dublin Flea Market Yummy Baubles and Waffles

Just got back to my flat from visiting the Dublin Flea Market.  The scene in the market proves that the co-op is an excuse to bring all brands of hipster together on a monthly basis, although a quite great excuse if you ask me.  There were about thirty or forty stalls crammed into the Hall that usually holds the Dublin Food Co-op, which offers falafel, waffles and mulled wine for about the same price as a vintage skirt at the Flea.  
The Flea is one of those experiences that is exactly what you expect - knickknacks and cheap riffraff galore, in all a manner of colors and mostly too-small sizes (those fifties girls were masochistic most definitely).  I don’t usually fare so well at these types of shopping venues because I tend to come home with tons of cheap, well, crap.  But this time proved different - when I say the Flea is cheap, I mean dirt cheap.  I bought a fifties vintage skirt, a necklace, a poster and a sweater-shirt, none of which cost me upwards of five dollars.  Like all vintage shopping experiences, quality suffered a bit, but that’s the fun of it.  You’ve got to have your vintage shopping wits about you, or you’ll come home and realize you have bought a skirt that doesn’t have a zipper where one is supposed to be (oops).  
The rest of the Flea was your typical cluster**** of hipster goodness.  Read: Organic, sustainable, veggie-heavy food, ridiculous clothing choices and a steady stream of skinny, dirty boys playing their guitars on a makeshift stage.  
Although I recognize the shear self-indulgence of such a gathering, I can’t help but love it.  I like the veggie-heavy fare, I bought just enough useless items of clothing and goddamnit those boys are a-dorable.  
And there if just something ridiculously victorious about being able to say, “Yes, those are Mayan dolls on my skirt, and it was only three Euros”.  

Thinking About a Guinness?

Thinking About a Guinness?