Monday, April 5, 2010

Useless Realization

I really never should have taken a Senior Sophister seminar. Although fascinating, nobody in the department thought to tell the visiting student that the mandatory exams test nothing specific, but rather a general ability to discourse on philosophical topics. Which you should have after you have spent the past four years doing nothing but studying philosophy, and the past five months writing a 100 plus page philosophical thesis.

I think I might just have to be okay with failing this particular class. Or at least with doing very poorly. So, I'll cry about this tonight, and move on. Nothing to be done. Maybe this means that instead of stressing out for the next six weeks, I'll actually be able to enjoy my remaining time here.

Sorry, Mom, I don't think your daughter is going to be a philosopher. Professional worrier, maybe? Professional setting-the-bar-too-high-so-I-always-fail-Person?

I need to be done with a school for a while. Say, about three months. Ah, how convenient - Door County, embrace me, please.

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  1. How about a professional keep-setting-the-bar-high-to-give-yourself-another-expereience person. That is working great so far.


Thinking About a Guinness?

Thinking About a Guinness?